Monday, 11 March 2013

The AIDS Course

One of the courses I'm enjoying the most, yet is one of most challenging (I'm repeatedly finding these go together) is the AIDS course.

I never realised for a moment before I began it how much I would learn, and how much I didn't know, but what I was really very ignorant of was the controversy surrounding AIDS. I had no idea there were "AIDS deniers" but they are an angry, active, and vociferous group.

Unbelieveably, although 25 of them have died from AIDS, there are still those believing it was sheer coincidence.

An option for one of our essays was to counter this, and I opted for it, so that after having done the research, the details would be in my head should I ever run into these deniers. I am firmly convinced in my own mind that they are wrong.

But the usual issue that comes up when I find this topic being discussed casually is simply misinformation. People have acquired some very odd ideas about AIDS, presumably from poor media, hearsay, or whatever. It is going to be very satisfying to get the correct information out there. I only mix with a few people socially who are in healthcare, most are not, and it is the layperson who really needs help here.

Let's be honest, most people will never take a course like this, or even watch a short documentary on the topic, it's something they'd just rather not think about. So I think it behooves anyone who is interested and who has studied it, to keep educating.

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