Sunday, 31 March 2013

Learning About Learning

One of the ideas that always crops up when we discuss education is that good teachers (a good system) encourages students in how to learn, as well as just imparting information. This was what was so clearly missing from the school I went to. There really was no concept of that at all.

But I am discovering for myself just how certain aspects of study affect my ability to learn.

This week I did terribly on a test in my Philosophy course. I thought I had done far better. The test was on Freud, or specifically on his lectures on Parapraxes and Dreams. I read the material. Twice actually. I watched the lecture videos attentively. And I got a pitiful 40% on the test. I was horrified.

When I reviewed the questions I'd got wrong, there was no "Aha!". I really couldn't see where I'd gone wrong.

The only thing I can think of is that I didn't enjoy Freud at all. I don't agree with much of the theory involved. That shouldn't prevent me from understanding it, but apparently it does. I need to investigate this phenomenon a bit more.

Several courses have finished or are winding up, and mostly I've done quite well. On the Genetics course I haven't a hope of obtaining a pass mark at this stage, so I am not even bothering to take the final exam. I am, however, still watching the lecture videos intently, and I'm still learning. I love the material covered in this course, I just can't handle the math. I probably could if I put enough hours into it, but there's really no point.

I think, for now, my attitude towards my studies has evened out, and I have found my ideal weekly workload. So, I've cut back on the courses I had signed up for over the next few months, there aren't enough hours in the day, and they will be offered again (I hope).

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